November 26, 2019

By PAUL BOWEN blood, dirt & angels Sports Editor Emeritus I have a nice house.  It was built around 1920.  3 bedrooms, 2 full baths.  We live on the downward slope of a big hill that overlooks the Arkansas River.  …

Holy frickin’ cow

October 1, 2019

By PAUL BOWEN blood, dirt &angels Sports Editor Emeritus IF THEO EPSTEIN INVITES YOU UP TO HIS ROOM FOR A DRINK, DON’T GO. The Chicago Cubs didn’t make the playoffs this year for the first time since the arrival of …

Deconstructing the legend of a hit king

July 2, 2018

  A dozen years ago I wrote about a four-volume biography of Adrian Constantine “Cap” Anson, a 19th-century baseball player some believe is the most important figure ever — bigger than Babe Ruth or Jackie Robinson. Anson was not only …

Fred Couples used a set of women’s irons and other odd, endearing things

June 6, 2018

On Not Hating the Dodgers: a pre-Fathers Day column

June 17, 2016

I’d forgotten I’d written this. It’s from 1994 and it’s in my 1997 book The Shortstop’s Son, which you can still order online. My father was a Dodger fan. My earliest memory involves a blue and white T-shirt emblazoned with …

Wes Parker in Paris

June 16, 2016

There’s a grey rain in the rue du Rivoli There’s a French girl with her head upon my chest I don’t guess you could spare any sympathy For the rich kid’s existential unrest. They say the sun sets in Los …

For Ali

June 4, 2016

Cassius Clay (a folk song in bright G) My father was a middleweight; I never saw him fight still he showed me how to throw a jab and combo with my right. He’d cup my head in his hand, scrape …

Morgan Neville’s A Fighting Chance

April 21, 2016

And here’s how we spent our first evening, at the premiere of Morgan Neville’s 30-minute doc, A Fighting Chance, which while obviously fitting in the promotional film category, tells three compelling stories about athletes from poor countries and their attempt …

Fifteen years ago today ….

March 24, 2016

W.C. Fields in “The Golf Specialist”

February 12, 2016