October 14, 2019


blood, dirt & angels

sports editor emeritus

Let’s face it.  The Arkansas Razorbacks are terrible.  And they weren’t supposed to be terrible.  Sure, nobody but the most die-hard Hog fan thought they would get bowl eligible in Chad Morris’ 2nd year occupying the Endowed Chair of Football up there.  But they didn’t expect to be 2-4 with losses to San Jose State and Kentucky.  

The loss to the Wildcats last Saturday night might have been even more galling than the choke job against San Jose State.  Wildcats QB Lynn Bowden had a career night against the Hog defense, going 7-11 through the air and rushing for 196 yards and two touchdowns.  I can say with assurance that this was a career night for the young man because BOWDEN’S NOT A QUARTERBACK!.  He is a wide receiver who, lucky for him, made his first start against the porous arm tackling of a defensive unit that has to be John Chavis’ worst nightmare.  Of course, in all fairness, it’s hard to beat anybody on defense when the offensive side of the ball can’t make first downs.

So impressive was this performance by the Hogs that star recruit Ty’kiest Crawford, the nation’s 18th ranked lineman decommitted immediately after the game.  And he did it in a tweet entitled “God’s Plan.”  You’ve got to figure others will do likewise with or without divine guidance.  

And here’s where things get dicey for Morris.  Or dicier.  There’s a good chance the Hogs won’t win another game this year.  They’ve got an absolute Murderer’s Row staring them in the face from here on out beginning with Auburn next week.  Let’s assume that they actually manage to beat Western Kentucky and Mississippi State to finish 4-8.  Is that the kind of “progress” AD Hunter Yurachek expects?  And if more recruits jump ship and the season ticket holders show up at games disguised as empty seats Yurachek will be presented with a business problem.    One that he could not have anticipated.

About all I am prepared to say with certainty about this rest of the season is that when the Razorbacks play the equally execrable Mississippi State Bulldogs, somebody will win their only conference game in the 2018 season.  

This is progress?  

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