Walker Percy’s Blues

April 23, 2018

Used to be a seeker, used to be a dreamer
Now I guess I been woke
Let in on the cosmic joke
I’m trying to fix the things I broke

You can be an unbeliever or have faith in the Redeemer
But nobody gets a ticket to ride
Sometimes you gotta decide
To be an ex-suicide

Work the steps if you got em, start dealin’ from the bottom
Do whatever you need to survive
Play the I, IV and V
Keep Quentin Compson alive

Sing your secret hymn, break into the gym
And play the game of your life
Find yourself a husband or wife
And a sharp pocket knife

To cut through the everydayness; remember always say “yes”
To the great gray hum ache,
That’s how you know you’re awake
You beautiful mistake

Let the Scotch keep you humble, cherish every stumble
Take it all in with awe
Because you’re breakin’ the law
Standin’ in the gape of the maw

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