October 27, 2017

dry lightning nervous in the nightsky (a Telecaster jitter) north of northeast Texas in maybe Oklahoma It was cold in Amarillo the parking lot was full of truckers and my dreams were full of air brakes and the red smudged …

Somebody Else’s Son

October 27, 2017

Somebody Else’s Son On the concourse somebody else’s son rocks his brand-new desert sand fatigues with a backpack and a name tag Velcro-ed on — this is how we ship them overseas. A county fair face maybe seen before, grinning …

La Belle Dame Sans Merci

October 26, 2017

La Belle Dame Sans Merci from Philip Martin on Vimeo.

Southern Man

October 3, 2017

When you start to talk about Tom Petty and how he fits into our cultural landscape, you’ve got to go back a bit — because Tom Petty has been around awhile, and because he is so easy to take for …