My Brother

August 14, 2017

My brother totes a tiki torch
My brother holds a guidon
My brother stomps a heavy boot
While beneath the floor they’re hidin’
My brother drives a Challenger
My brother rocks an AK
My brother’s an American
Living payday to payday
It’s always 1934
And the poor are always with us
There’s always someone keeping score
And the trolls are always vicious
My brother has a soldier’s coat
My brother has his outrage
My brother likes a Nietzsche quote
And shares it on his home page
It’s always 1968
A city’s always burning
The human heart defaults to hate
And suffers no strange yearning.
Hot tears in my brother’s eyes
The horror of the Other
While he was marshaling the enterprise
Someone doxxed my brother
Some find God on the battlefield
Some seek Him in the mirror
Some feel Him moving in their heart
But I don’t see Him here
Were I a much better man
I might receive the spirit
But tell me it’s the Master’s plan?
I just don’t want to hear it.

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