“When the Pale Man Comes to Town”

April 28, 2017

Someone asked me to write a song for Gregg Allman. So I did. It’s called “When the Pale Man Comes to Town.”
Here’s the lyric:

Warm brown bourbon in a tumbler
On a slow dim Georgia night
You’ve got Otis Redding on your iPad
And that doesn’t feel quite right
There’s something cold and stony coming
You can’t figure how to fight
That dead man moaning through your headphones
Shakes your cracker ass tonight

Now some of them believe that Jesus
Sometimes whispers in their ear
That he’s prepared for them a mansion
So there ain’t no need to fear
Well, there’s no harm in taking comfort
You know those old boys are sincere
But sometimes it seems their Jesus
Tells them what they want to hear

You’re not quite the last man standing
But you’ve seen a few go down
Some were brothers, there were others
You just miss havin’ around
You could play some grand piano
You could make some holy sound
But you don’t know if that matters
When the pale man comes to town.

Now the whiskey glass is heavy
As a pistol in your hand
You ain’t asking for no kindness
Just the grace to understand
How life can be over in an instant
When a night can last this long
How can a melody hurt so much
When its just a stupid song …

No there ain’t no mercy for you
Where some kid doctor shakes his head
All they can do is make your comfortable
’Cause you’re already walkin’ dead
You’re sick of modulated tones
And instruments gleaming bright
But you feel too sick and beaten down
To rage too much tonight.

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