Trump’s bun

November 6, 2016


On the road again from Little Rock, Blood Dirt & Angels correspondents Marcia and Jack Schnedler are spending the last week before Tuesday’s election going door-to-door in Toledo, Ohio. They’re helping to get out the vote for Hillary Clinton, as they did four years ago in Dayton for Barack Obama. Here’s another battlefield report:

By Jack Schnedler
TOLEDO, Ohio — Light-hearted humor has been largely absent from this nasty presidential campaign. But a chuckle-worthy artifact turned up Saturday evening when we dined at Tony Packo’s, one of Toledo’s iconic eateries.
The object, no kidding, was a hot-dog bun autographed last month by Donald Trump as he campaigned in this northern Ohio city. The bun, inscribed with his barely legible scrawl, is framed and prominently displayed in a hallway where diners wait to be seated. According to our waiter, the Republican candidate signed it during a quick stop at the restaurant, but did not have time to eat one of its ballyhooed sausages.
Fans of the popular 1972-1983 TV show “M*A*S*H” may remember that sausages from Tony Packo’s were a favorite of Corporal Maxwell Klinger, played by Toledo native Jamie Farr. Six episodes of “M*A*S*H” mentioned Packo’s sausages, which Klinger called “Hungarian hot dogs.”
The first bun signer, we learned, was Burt Reynolds in 1972. Dozens of other autographed buns by celebrities and near-celebrities are on display, Trump’s being the most recent. Hillary Clinton hasn’t shown up at Packo’s, our waiter said. We also learned that the buns signed in recent years are actually foam lookalikes. That seemed to affirm the notion that nothing in politics is quite as it appears.
At our storefront office, morale was boosted by Sunday’s news that the FBI again has found no reason to recommend charges against Clinton for using a private e-mail server while secretary of state. That issue has been brought up several times in the last five days by voters Marcia and I are contacting. Now we can point out that nothing has changed.
We’re aiming to convey a positive message about Clinton’s substantial qualifications to be president. Ammunition comes from dozens of messages posted by visitors on a bulletin board at our office, under the headline “I’m with her because”:
*”I like the way she never gives up.”
*”I think it’s time for a woman in the White House.”
*”She believes in common-sense gun control.”
*”Of her love and dedication to the children of our nation.”
*”She is the most qualified presidential candidate of our time.”
*”She has intelligence and common sense.”
*”She is a fighter.”
*”She believes everyone deserves an equal opportunity — including immigrants.”
*”She supports Muslims.”
*”She has intelligence and common sense.”
*”She is 100 % genuine — the real thing.”
*”I don’t want a sexist, misogynist in the White House.”
Legitimate, well-founded fear of a Trump presidency, in Marcia’s mind and mine, is even more a reason to vote for Clinton than all of her positive qualities. That’s why we’ve driven here for the week all the way from Republican-addled Arkansas.

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