Wes Parker in Paris

June 16, 2016

There’s a grey rain in the rue du Rivoli
There’s a French girl with her head upon my chest
I don’t guess you could spare any sympathy
For the rich kid’s existential unrest.

They say the sun sets in Los Angeles
That’s where the future crawls ashore
I wasted in youth in Los Angeles
But I hardly ever go there anymore

Lefthandedness can be a liability
You can’t play short or third or second base
But baseball has been very very good to me
I spent my childhood in her sweet embrace

And it’s a long flight from Roissy to Los Angeles
Ma petit amie est retourné a l’école
I’ll take a Scotch and soda sitting in first class
To get me through the dark night of the soul

I am going back to Los Angeles
And I’ll have to check my privilege at the door.
I know that Charlie Dressen’s in Los Angeles
That’s where the future crawls ashore.

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