Supercalifragile by Scott Miller’s Game Theory

May 10, 2016


Scott Miller was a once-in-a-generation musician who took an established genre of music, examined it with the eye of a scientist, tore it down into its base components then reassembled them in startling new ways. He didn’t let convention, expectations or even commercial success, get in the way of experimentation and making great music.

Scott became a professional musician and recording artist at the age of 17 when he formed his first band, Alternate Learning. It was immediately obvious that his new wave influenced power pop was refreshing and unique. The band recorded two albums together, then Scott set out to form the more sophisticated and ambitious musical project which would gain cult status under the name, Game Theory.

In the ’80s Scott recorded eight studio albums with Game Theory, weaving an intricate, highly detailed tapestry of guitar and synth-driven power pop heavily laced with heady lyrics full of scholarly references to literature, art, history, and philosophy. Though influenced by other power pop artists like Alex Chilton (Big Star) and Todd Rundgren, Game Theory’s sound was unique and extremely innovative, and they rapidly became a favorite of college radio stations.

In the ’90s Scott assembled a third band, The Loud Family. While the new sound leaned more towards straight up alt. rock, the material they produced was still classic Miller, with unusual time signatures, rapid-fire chord changes, and a masterful use of language and esoteric ideas. The Loud Family recorded six albums, an EP and a live album, expanding Scott’s fan base and solidifying his reputation as a brain-rock wunderkind.

At the time of his tragic death in 2013, Scott was working on a brand new album under the Game Theory moniker, to be called Supercalifragile. This unfinished album might have been lost for all time if not for the efforts of Scott’s wife Kristine, who has enlisted veteran musician Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, Big Star, R.E.M.) to produce the album.

Songs include :

  • No Love performed by Scott and Aimee Mann
  • Time Warner by Scott and members of Game Theory
  • All You Need Is White by Scott and Stéphane Schück
  • I Still Dream of Getting Back to Paris featuring Anton Barbeau
  • And many more!

Several new recording sessions have already taken place, including one at historic Abbey Road studios in London, made famous by The Beatles. More sessions at local studios are planned in the near future.

Music industry legend Mitch Easter has agreed to handle the final mixing, to make certain that Supercalifragile will carry that classic, distinctive Game Theory sound.

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