“Trump Stakes,” a poem by Johnny Wink

May 8, 2016

Sent our way this afternoon:



Trump Stakes


The Donald called me a liar when I told him

That the word travel comes from a Latin word

Having to do with torture.  When I suggested

That, when he gets around to doing a hell of a lot

Worse than waterboarding to political prisoners,

He might take a page out of ye olde etymological book

And bring this instrument of torture out of medieval mothballs

And for the puredee hell of it call the sucker “Trump Stakes,”

He went all pink around the eyes and orange around

The rest of his face and told me to quit Trump Tower.

Say what?  I thought he’d be all gaga for the thing.

I’m making all of this up of course.  I didn’t have an audience

With The Donald.  I’m making all of it up except the bit

About travel, which really does travel back in origin,

Through travail, to late Latin triapalium, an instrument

Of torture having three stakes, not that The Donald cares.

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  • Comment by reademitchell — Oct 22,2016 at 1:42 pm

    Wink rides the chinchilla again!

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