Piers Marchant reports from True/False

March 4, 2016

By Piers Marchant for blood, dirt & angels   True/False 2016: Day 1 Number of Films: 2 General Vibe: Desperation Those Who Jump: A first-person film from Abou Bakar (with considerable help from Moritz Siebert & Estephan Wagner) about a …

Karen Martin’s Home Movies

March 4, 2016

By Karen Martin     Sunshine Superman, directed by Marah Strauch (PG, 100 minutes) Although there are plenty of videos of contemporary sports, few chronicle their beginnings. Except for BASE jumping. That’s because Carl Boenish — a Southern California engineer …

R.E.M. in Germany in 1985

March 3, 2016

20 silent films you watched without knowing it

March 2, 2016