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March 30, 2016

Movie on 3-29-16 at 4.28 PM from Philip Martin on Vimeo.


  • Comment by Acting Clipz — Mar 30,2016 at 1:41 pm

    Love your music Phil. Your and Pete Ermes were a great team. The songs will always be embedded in my mind.

    Check out Pete Ermes playing music that he and Phil Martin wrote back in the 1980’s. What a great team! Love ya Phil….miss you Pete!

    Pete Ermes Music Live: http://fanclipz.com/pete-ermes-live-1984/audio

  • Comment by Acting Clipz — Mar 30,2016 at 3:11 pm

    Just a little about Pete’s Music on this site. Just Click the “AUDIO” button on this page to Listen.The recordings of his songs were transferred from a cassette tape that Pete recorded and produced from his 1984 performance at the ‘Rusty Nail’ nightclub in Shreveport, Louisiana. If you ever had the privilege to hear him perform or meet him – you’ll definitely enjoy reliving the experience.

    After finding out about his 2007 passing – I decide to put up a tribute page for him. I had a cassette copy of this performance which he gave me sitting in the saddlebag of my 1993 Honda Del Sol for 23-years. These analog songs are directly from the tape – only digitized in transfer and untouched from the original recording. This is why there are a few drop outs from time to time – we all get old….Ha!

    Most of the songs are original but you’ll be able to tell which are cover tunes as he gives attributes to the original composers. One of his most accomplished writing partners was Phil Martin. Visit Phil’s website to see what he is up to today – http://www.facebook.com/strangepup | http://www.twitter.com/borkdog | http://www.blooddirtandangels.com/ . About half of the songs you’ll hear are their original compositions. Hopefully, we’ll be able to sweeten, edit, and produce better copies of Pete’s songs from this cassette in the future for distribution. We’ll let you know!

    Pete Ermes died January 23, 2007 at his home in Sarasota, Florida. He was 49-years old. His ashes were scattered in his beloved Gulf of Mexico. Pete will be missed by everyone he touched. Pete, this is for you our talented friend.

    “…since you’ve been gone, you’ve been immortalized like a sculpture in my mind…”
    “Red River” – Pete Ermes

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