Take That Frank Standford

January 19, 2016

by Dwain Cromwell

No, it wasn’t a .44
We’ve all heard that too many times before about “Sonny”

It was three fucking long shots in the heart with a .22 long rifle revolver —
Pull the trigger each damned time
While all your stuff is tossed in the ditch
By the two women you been double-timing for years
And you deserve it all the blue flow
Does not mean you get to be an asshole to 2 goddesses —

Yeah, I knew you of the 6 grinning proud new Dylan records in Restaurant On the Corner
You your own every waking minute living movie toddler
But you know
Hosting a cult is although exactly what you planned the whole sad way is
Rather ancient now even to anyone who knew you–

Only the early death of a famous old lover this week in her sleep
Gets your name anywhere anymore.

Been there heard that it ain’t even a murmur anymore too many done it since even better.

Take that, Frank.

Dwain Cromwell is a poet who lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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