Something for the Pain

December 31, 2015

Funny how the vodka looks like water,
and baking powder looks just like cocaine.
If the time has come to lead me to the slaughter
Honey, I need something for the pain.

I take comfort in the King James Bible;
I take comfort in the girls of Amsterdam.
I take comfort in the failure of my rival,
’cause honey that’s the type of guy I am.

The world is sharp, some feelings are tender;
Your trigger warnings, make-believe pretend.
We’re no more than the assets we surrender
When that rough beast comes slouching round again.

Wish I had your constitution, baby
My money walks and don’t stop to explain
You can go speak truth to power, maybe,
But honey I need something for the pain.

Funny how the whiskey tastes like water
when Ol’ Schopenhauer sloshing ’round your brain
I know you don’t receive me as a martyr
So honey give me something for the pain

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