Last Night in Little Rock

September 20, 2015

We made it down for the 20th anniversary of Gallery 26.

Their new show features the work of the gallery’s own Renee Williams and Daniel Broening.

IMG_2053Here’s Daniel’s statement about the show:
“If you’ve never been to an opening before, this would be an ideal time! Come make new friends and listen politely to the old ones.
Renee Williams will be showing her recent work which examines the relationship between the conscious, unconscious and hair. Lots of birds perished in a blizzard of hairspray for this one so you best come pay your respects.
Mr. Broening will be invoking the court of Carcosa [TRUE DETECTIVE] to visit us here on earth, just in time to celebrate the beginning of the Sixth Great Extinction. So break out those ceremonial robes for one last go and bring unto us a burnt offering of your choice.
Fresh off of the couch, THE ROLLING BLACKOUTS will be performing, featuring Jeff Laux on guitar, Bruce Hulsey in a quiet rage, Paul Shell on the drums and Christopher Steward twirling in a AKASHIC VORTEX”

Well, you missed that, but the art is still up.IMG_2052 (1)

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