The Side Street Steppers to Perform at the Ozark Foothills FilmFest Annual Fundraiser

August 16, 2015

Our friends in Batesville sent along this press release:

Ozark Foothills FilmFest, Inc. will hold its annual fundraising event on Saturday, September 12 at 2:00 PM. Proceeds from “Steppin’ Out with the Side Street Steppers” will support the annual Ozark Foothills FilmFest and the annual T Tauri Movie Camp, a summer artist residency project offering video production workshops for kids and teens. The event will take place at Elizabeth’s Restaurant, 231 E. Main Street in Batesville.

SideStreetSteppersThe highlight of the event is a performance by the Side Street Steppers from Memphis, Tennessee. The Steppers have released three CDs and maintain a robust touring schedule throughout the Memphis area. Christian Stanfield, a founding member and the driving force of the four piece band explains, “People are always asking us what kind of music we play, and I am usually at a loss to sum up the wide range of our styles and traditions in a single word or short phrase…We needed a term that handily defined what we do and whom we represent, and thus ‘Vintage Music.’ Vintage Music is old music, but not just any old music. Vintage Music is timeless, as exciting to listen to today as it was when first performed. We give you blues, jazz, country, hokum, jug band, fiddle tunes and more. This is the music of America, of all the people who have come and gone and contributed a verse to our national song. Collectively, it tells the story of who we are and where we have been—what we have endured and how we got through.”

“The Steppers don’t just play the fool out of their banjos, banjo-ukuleles, and tricked-out washboards. They build their instruments from scratch and know them intimately. Shows almost always include percussive folk dancing, some burlesque, and the kind of entendre-laden, tent-show humor that made your great-grandaddy spit his dentures.” –Chris Davis, The Memphis Flyer

Tickets for “Steppin’ Out” are $25 in advance, $30 at the door. They can be purchased at Elizabeth’s Restaurant or through the mail by emailing or calling 870-251-1189. Appetizers and drinks are included.

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