Lucinda Williams, “This Land is Your Land”

July 4, 2015

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  • Comment by tinceirgrrl — Jul 6,2015 at 4:31 pm

    Mr Martin – anyone who begins their Welcome/About page with a quote from Immanuel Kant is my kinda site. I was in Kilkenny Ireland on the 4th and was feeling like a little Lucinda and Americana and fell upon your site, so as you stated, I have dropped in and sticking around awhile to discover a sense of place. Thank you for the following coincidences for an expat: 1. the wonderful Lucinda singing and humming the heartfelt Woody Guthrie song when I needed to hear it, 2. Immanuel Kant. ‘nuf said, 3. ‘blood, dirt & angels’ feels deeply inspirational and honest and finally 4. for ‘Martin’ a name that is supports your goal for a blog like this – “Martin – a swallow-like bird (swallows are said to escort souls to the afterlife and a saint who shared his miraculous cloak to give sanctuary to his enemy. Blessings indeed.
    I am pleased to have discovered your site, thank you!

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