Gillespie Dancing: How Gillespie Got His Name charms

June 24, 2015

Gillespie Dancing: How Gillespie Got His Name
by Tina Streeter with illustrations by Daphne Williams
($5.99 on Kindle and Nook Book, $10.60 paperback on

By Karen Martin for blood, dirt & angels

Gillespie Dancing: How Gillespie Got His Name is an upbeat charmer of a 17-page children’s book — the product of Little Rock author Tina Streeter and Little Rock illustrator Daphne Williams — that doesn’t condescend to its audience.

71VzzXeDfZLCliches do NOT abound in this vocabulary-expanding, unique story of how expectant parents Mr. and Mrs. Dancing discover a clever and adorable way to please their entire extended family — which has strong and freely expressed opinions on nearly everything — in coming up with a suitable name for their soon-to-arrive baby boy.

A friendly definition of unusual and unexpected words used in the book is included on the last page.

Streeter’s unruffled wording excels in sounding the way people talk to each other, and Williams’ energetic, cartoony-casual illustrations echo Streeter’s tone. It’s a bright, joyous little book that can be shared with very young children now. And they will enjoy reading it themselves when the time (and their reading skills) are right.

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