For Miller Williams

April 26, 2015

My song, and Dwain Cromwell’s poem. For poet Jo McDougall tribute click here.

For Miller Williams

There are no words
Like your words –
None more hand in hand
All the way through –

You cut me down
To words that were good,
Again and again until I could almost
Do it myself,
As you did for hundreds of others
So graced –

I will never not feel your hand
On my wrist, your smile
As you always said “Good to see you!”

We shared some worrisome matters together,
Carrying the fears –

I don’t know how I will not see
Your speech nor hear your smile
Nor be better by your edits nor be blessed
More by your grasp,
But, we are all better from the moon you were –
We are all graced by being by you.

Dwain Cromwell



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