Starbuck’s former General Counsel Paula Boggs is quitting her day job

March 23, 2015

See the press release below.

Starbucks’ Former General Counsel Paula Boggs makes bold decision to leave the world of law and business to devote herself to critically acclaimed career as a

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE — March 23 — Singer-songwriter Paula Boggs’ life thus far is unlike any other artist. Her’s has been a profound and inspiring journey of an African-American woman shattering glass ceilings for over three decades as she scaled the heights of the corporate world. Paula has been recognized by Fortune and NASDAQ as one of the finest legal counselors in the United States. She was an Airborne (paratrooper) Army officer, she served on the White House Iran Contra task force, and, most recently, she was Starbucks’ top lawyer, reporting directly to Howard Schultz (chairman and CEO). But before her accomplished career trajectories, from the age of 10 and on, she has been a lifer musician. Now, she is venturing toward what she calls her “true north” by pursuing music with the same fiery dedication that fueled her corporate accomplishments. Her latest album with the Paula Boggs Band is the masterful Carnival Of Miracles.

For years, Paula’s musicality lay dormant inside her. In 2005, after a tragic accident that killed her sister in law, she picked up the guitar to heal. Gradually, songs came to her and she had a creative reawakening. Seven years ago, she formed the Paula Boggs Band, a sextet that specializes in a roots hybrid popularly dubbed “soulgrass.” The band’s distinct aesthetic encompasses jazz, world music, rock, soul, folk, and bluegrass. The Paula Boggs Band now releases the stunning, Carnival Of Miracles, produced by Grammy winner Trina Shoemaker (Brandi Carlile and Sheryl Crow)

Mike DeGagne, Freelance Music Critic, AllMusic has described Paula’s aesthetic thusly: “Paula Boggs’ unique voice, sharp and witty writing, and knack for producing slick melodies and jazzy bluesy rock music is enlightening. Her music is folksy at times, pop-like at others, and balanced out by some charming mid-tempo stuff that is quite refreshing…[and] her authentic voice makes all of her work sound genuine, modern, and reflective.”

Central to her music is the same purposeful spirit that infused her government and corporate work. As a musician, she speaks out against social issues such as the Newtown tragedy and racial injustices. Paula is also an outspoken advocate on music education. Currently, she maintains a busy calendar of speaking engagement dates and band performance gigs. 2015 will no doubt lead Paula Boggs to the apex of her true north.

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