Bill Frisell’s Tiny Desk Concert

February 11, 2015

He’s coming to the Ron Robinson Theater with Kenny Wollesen, a drummer and percussionist, on February 23. Tickets are $20 General Admission.

It’s Banned Book Week

February 11, 2015

Hover over the spine of each volume to learn more. And ask me what I’m banned from sometime.

G is for Go-Betweens

February 10, 2015

We watched just a snatch of the Grammys the other night — we were killing time between the end of a slightly time-shifted Simpsons and the start of Downton Abbey (a ludicrous show mostly about vile people, but I watch …

First look: Elvis & Nixon

February 5, 2015

Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon and Michael Shannon as Elvis Presley from Liza Johnson’s comedy Elvis & Nixon, which is currently in production. I think Elvis wanted to be appoint head of the FBI.

So shoot me: The last damn thing I’m going to say about American Sniper

February 5, 2015

“Does it bother you that the US has men to keep us free, that the US enemies did not win, or that you perhaps do not have what it takes to fight in a war — courage?” — W.R., Pine …