Slow Down, Sisyphus

February 26, 2015

Slow Down, Sisyphus (The Hill)

We nearly got through February
then we got iced in on the hill.
But there’s a trail out back, we’ve got our yaktrax
we can walk out, and we will.
She doesn’t need to go to work today,
she could do it all online.
But I guess she likes her people
a little better than I like mine.

So we walk downtown together,
through the flurries and the slush.
She’ll walk back up the hill this evening
while I’ll probably take the bus.

Then I drop her at her building;2015-02-25 15.13.30
tramp down to open up the shop.
I pull my boots off, I put some coffee on
and pad around the office in my socks.
I’ll wait till after lunch to call her
talk about the weather and her day:
70 on Valentine’s, ice on the power lines
— by Tuesday it’ll all go away.

And I guess these kids are all right;
They’re just different than we were.
Some will text in “scared,” most of them seem unprepared,
like they’d never lived through a winter.
This is the business we have chosen
but it doesn’t make us who we are.
Still if 30 years of office work, leaves you feeling like a jerk,
maybe you oughta go tend bar.

Our grandson lives in Arizona
He goes to Agua Fria high
He’s bemused by Arkansas, disgusted by the conscience law
we can’t explain so we don’t even try.

My girl’s been with me for a minute,
sometimes I get so proud of us.
When we pillow talk, I tell her she’s my rock,
and she says, “slow down Sisyphus.”
But that’s just something that she tells me
it’s not like I could push her around.
We’ve been through thin and thick, thank god we ain’t got sick
I hope I never let her down.

I know I’m goofy for her.
I don’t want to jinx my luck.
There’s laws of entropy, black ice that we don’t see
I’m thinking maybe buy a truck.
Or a beater Jeep with a big old snow tires
and an aftermarket winch.
But that might be extreme, just my redneck dream,
there’ll be years when we won’t get an inch.


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