The All-Arkansas Major League Baseball team

November 5, 2014

A co-worker — Bobby Ampezzan — breezily suggested this morning that Torii Hunter was the fourth-best major leaguer to come out of Arkansas. That didn’t sound quite right to me — I’m not sure Hunter makes the Top 10. Here’s my off-the-top of my head Arkansas All-Star team:

c- Bill Dickey (Actually born in Bastrop, La., but grew up here.)

backups — Sherm Lollar, Earl Smith

1B — Wally Moon
2B — Don Kessinger (Kessinger was primarily a shortstop, but he played some second and I’ve got a feeling he’d handle the position better than Travis Jackson, who was a much better hitter. Or at least played in a much better era for hitters.) At the suggestion of Randy Hyde, we’re going to platoon the right-handed hitting Travis Jackson and the lefty Arkie Vaughan at second and play Kessinger full time at short.

3B — Brooks Robinson
SS — Arky Vaughan Don Kessinger.
backups — George Kell, Travis Jackson

LF- Lou Brock
CF- Willie Davis
RF- Rick Monday

Torii Hunter may be a borderline Hall of Famer, but he doesn't crack our starting outfield. (We're all for Rick Monday, right?)

Torii Hunter may be a borderline Hall of Famer, but he doesn’t crack our starting outfield. (We’re all for Rick Monday, right?)

backups — Torii Hunter, Kevin McReynolds, Smead Jolley

SPs: Dizzy Dean, Johnny Sain, Preacher Roe, Cliff Lee, Lon Warneke
Bullpen: Paul Dean, Travis Wood, A.J. Burnett, Hank Robinson, Drew Smyly

Designated Hitter: Sonny Liston

Proposed Opening Day lineup:

Brock LF
Davis CF
Vaughn/Jackson 2B
Dickey C
Moon 1B
Robinson 3B
Monday RF
Kessinger 2B
D. Dean P


  • Comment by Philip Martin — Nov 21,2014 at 9:09 am

    From David Lindsay:

    I know this is late, but I had to throw it out there. This is a modern roster in that it accounts for a guy who’s basically a full time DH and I have 11 pitchers. If this were being done by the pre DH standards I’d drop the two closers (Robertson and Kimbrell) and add two position players (Amos Otis and Rudy York or Jim Mason; Mason was a lousy hitter but a good glove man who could play anywhere). The pitchers are five starters to long relief to closer, in that order. Riggs Stephenson is a bit of a stretch, as he played most of his career in the outfield, but he did play quite a bit of second base. All players were born and/or spent most of their lives in Alabama. All Alabama Baseball Roster
    Position players
    1B-Willie McCovey, Heinie Manush
    2B-Riggs Stephenson, Ted Sizemore
    3B-Jim Davenport, Butch Hobson
    SS-Ozzie Smith, Joe Sewell
    C-Spud Davis, Charlie Moore
    RF-Hank Aaron
    CF-Willie Mays
    LF-Billy Williams, Ben Chapman
    Satchel Paige-R
    Don Sutton-R
    Early Wynn-R
    Virgil Trucks-R
    Jimmy Key-L
    Doyle Alexander-R
    Clay Carroll-R
    Bob Veale-L
    Jeff Brantley-R
    David Robertson-R
    Craig Kimbrell-R
    Starting line-up
    1-Willie Mays, CF
    2-Joe Sewell, DH
    3-Billy Williams, LF
    4-Hank Aaron, RF
    5-Wille McCovey, 1B
    6-Riggs Stephenson, 2B
    7-Spud Davis, C
    8-Jim Davenport, 3B
    9-Ozzie Smith, SS

  • Comment by — May 13,2015 at 4:42 pm

    arky vaughan only played one game @ 2B..he should be the SS..He is in the Hall of Fame

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