Two versions of the same song … 30 years apart ….

June 28, 2014

I recently found out that an songwriting friend and bandmate of mine with whom I’d lost touch — Pete Ermes — died in 2007. As sometimes happens, this touched off a curiously sober desire to excavate our shared past. First I revisited some of our old songs — a couple of which I’ve posted here.

Then I started digging in my old tape archives, with a thought of digitally preserving some of the old stuff. I hit the jackpot when I came across a cassette tape from 1984 with performances of various songs Pete and I wrote together — some done by him, some by me. There’s also a decent recording of one of my old band rehearsals on there (which I won’t subject you to).

Anyway, I recorded my version of “Murder in Miami” a few days before I came across the old (I hesitate to say “original” — there were quite a few earlier permutations of the song) version of the song, which was actually the by-product of a (get this) 27-part series I wrote on the cocaine trade for the Shreveport Journal in 1983.

Unfortunately I don’t know who the musicians are on the 1983 track — I used to, but the names escape my mind (and I wasn’t at the session, which was held in Florida, I believe). And that’s all me on the new version.

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