About a thousand words on Donald Sterling

April 30, 2014

I used to play golf at a club where — every weekend morning — a group of us would show up on the first tee early and choose up teams. Some mornings we’d have eight or 12 players, some mornings …

The gang’s all here

April 29, 2014

Monsters, While You Sleep

April 26, 2014

NSFW, btw.

Mom’s Night Out trailer and featurette

April 25, 2014

The film opens May 9. I think I’m watching it tonight.

Neil Young records Bert Jansch’s “Needle of Death” straight to vinyl

April 25, 2014

Via our friends at Paste. I need to get one of these machines.

Don’t Let Us Get Sick

April 24, 2014

This is for a couple of friends of mine. For all of us, really. Warren Zevon wrote it. But you knew that. I’m lucky to be here With someone I like Who maketh my spirit to shine …

“Copes Reynolds, the small forward”

April 23, 2014

No. 2 in a series of Shreveport poems. Copes Reynolds, the small forward They named me for a bachelor,  to echo his dying line. It was the way my family had to honor and to disincline us from ever bringing …

Aaron Sorkin apologizes for The Newsroom

April 22, 2014

Nelson Carvajal on Darren Aronofsky

April 22, 2014

Chelsea morning

April 20, 2014