Aningaaq: The best short narrative that didn’t get an Oscar nomination

February 20, 2014

I promised my LifeQuest class I would re-post this. I originally put it up in November.

This is the short film Jonas Cuaron, son of director Alfonso Cuaron, made to complement a pivotal scene in Gravity, one in which Sandra Bullock’s character Ryan Stone, trapped inside the Russian Soyuz space capsule, makes contact via radio with a male voice speaking a foreign language.

Wow. Aningaaq, was financed by Warner Home Video as a potential extra feature for Gravity‘s Blu-ray edition, but the short film gained a life of its own after festival screenings at Venice and Telluride. Now it’s been submitted it for Oscar consideration.

Should Gravity get a Best Picture nomination, and Aningaaq win a nomination in the live-action short category,it will be the first time in Academy Awards history a feature and spinoff short drawn from the same material have been nominated together in the same year.

via The Hollywood Reporter

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