Levi Agee checks in … on the GATHR series, Jug Face & Dallas Buyers Club

February 19, 2014

So many things are happening in the film world ‘round here and I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t been able to get the word out on a lot of them. First of all the new year has brought about new changes to the dynamic of the theater scene in Little Rock. Sadly Riverdale closed it’s doors months ago losing a 10 screen theater venue close to the heart of downtown, luckily a new theater has sprung up in its place, in the Rivermarket area downtown called the Ron Robinson Theater, care of the Central Arkansas Library System. Although it has only one screen, the venue will be used for a variety of performance arts in addition to film screenings. One such event happening lately at the theater is the Gathr Preview Series, a pre-theatrical screening series of all sorts of independent film fare with a post screening discussion afterwards handled by the one and only Philip Martin. The screening kicked off with the bold and authentic doc 12 ‘O Clock Boys which screened earlier last year at the Little Rock Film Festival to rave reviews. That film was followed up by Adult World the following Thursday starring Emma Roberts and John Cusack who recently had an interesting AMA (Ask Me Anything) on reddit if you’re interested in that sort of thing. This week, Thursday, Feb. 19 Gathr will be showing the heartwarming documentary Next Goal Wins about the supposed worst football (read soccer) team on earth-American Samoa-looking for their first ever competitive win. The screening starts at 7pm followed by the Q and A, as always, and is $10 at the door or save money and sign up for their monthly subscription service at gathr.us/series/little-rock-previews.

Another event happening at the Ron Robinson Theater downtown is an encore screening of Jug Face on Friday Feb 21 at 6:00 p.m. via the Little Rock Horror Picture Show a sub genre festival of the Little Rock Film Festival proper. Jug Face won the LRHPS last year and stars the always great Sean Bridgers of Deadwood fame. The film inspired by a trip to a folk pottery museum in Georgia, is about a pregnant teen trying to escape a backwoods community for fear of being sacrificed to a pit creature—oh and faces are crafted onto a ceramic jug! The screening is free and the director Chad Crawford Kinkle will be on hand for a Q and A. There will also be an art auction before the screening where proceeds go towards funding the horror festival. Tickets for the 3rd Annual Little Rock Horror Picture Show are on sale now at http://www.eventbrite.com/e/3rd-annual-little-rock-horror-picture-show-tickets-10279898453.

Lastly if not chronologically, The Argenta Film Series is delivering another strong selection of free films Thursday, February 20, with the Oscar Nominated Dallas Buyers Club starring the one and only Matthew McConaughey. From what I hear the demand to see this film at the Argenta Community Theater is really high and technically the RSVP reserves are gone so you might want to show up as early as possible and get tickets at the door if there are no-shows for first-come first-serve.

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