The Lego Movie: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, and Will Arnett Don’t Miss a Beat

January 31, 2014

This Land is Your Land

January 31, 2014

Nelson Carvajal’s latest video: Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners

January 30, 2014

Academy Awards: Best Visual Effects Oscar Winners from Nelson Carvajal on Vimeo. Conceived and Edited by Nelson Carvajal Music: “Time” by Hans Zimmer VFX retrospective in anticipation of the 86th Academy Awards

Another Song for Mom: “Long Black Veil”

January 29, 2014

Pete Seeger est mort

January 28, 2014

Pete Seeger was a folk singer, but a curious kind of folk singer. It isn’t his pleasant singing for which he is likely to be best remembered. Seeger was a thin gray-bearded man in the denim work shirt and the …

Argenta Film Series Presents: Blackfish

January 27, 2014

When: Tuesday, January 28th, 7pm Where: Argenta Community Theater 405 Main Street, NLR, 72114 RSVP To Book Your Free Tickets (Admission is FREE courtesy of William F. Laman Library. Seating is limited so please RSVP at In Genesis, it …

Why I am Not a Cop, Part One

January 26, 2014

Monkey note: Sometime contributor Dale Smith sent this along. He says its a made-up story. He’s working on Part Two, so publishing it is demonstrative of no small faith on my part. But I’m intrigued. By Dale Smith I left …

Last night in Little Rock: Jay Russell talks Ladder 49

January 26, 2014

Anyone have any photos? Thank you, Katie Childs. (Blogging will be light for the foreseeable future because our Comcast broadband is running at about 1/20 of the speed they advertise.)

The “Rapture Me” video

January 25, 2014

rapture me video (Enhanced) from Philip Martin on Vimeo. This is the song that was inspired by Levi Agee’s short film Rapture Us.

“Jesus and Elvis” : your Saturday Morning Country Cover

January 25, 2014