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September 29, 2013

SP155-A-Clockwork-Orange- I wrote about this today in my Critical Mass column. Now you can win it.
Spineless Classics is a British company (with an American website) that specializes in posters that consist of literary classic printed in their entirety, using fully legible 4pt text. (They also largely preserve the original formatting of the published work). The 36 by 24 inch print of A Clockwork Orange sells for $66.99 unframed.

To win it, leave me a comment below explaining why you need it. Extra credit if you write it in Nadsat.

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  • Comment by Torotopo — Oct 13,2013 at 10:23 pm

    When you first posted mention of this, I thought about angling to mooch it off of you. My suitability being that I proposed to the current Mrs.T between reels when Vino’s screened Clockwork on my birthday way back when (October, by the way).. Then you made it an official contest and my nadsat is not even as good as my parooski, which is hardly horrorshow. All I can say is she’s a devotchka and her lubbilubbing got the best of me, my brothers.

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