Levi Agee’s Screengems: the Reel Civil Rights Film Festival

September 26, 2013

Festival season in Arkansas is in full swing.
In addition to the Offshoot Film Festival in Fayetteville fast approaching, the Hot Springs Horror Film Festival is this week and Hot Springs Documentary Film Festivalis only weeks away. Another notable festival being held this week is the Reel Civil Rights Film Festival being presented by the Little Rock Film Festival in partnership with the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site and Parks Department (that was a mouthful) from September 24-29.
Unless you are a time traveler I don’t think listing films that already played will help you much but you may have missed the kickoff this past Tuesday (Sep. 24) featuring the Six Pioneers Panel with George Haley, one of the first African-American students to desegregate the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville School of Law.

The first film of the festival was Gideon’s Army about three public defenders dedicated to serving the defendants who usually fall through the cracks of the legal system.

Okay, now we’re up to Friday with something you can see in real time if you head over to the Historic Arkansas Museum at 6 p.m. for the Sundance 2000 Film Festival Special Jury Prize George Wallace: Settin’ the Woods on Fire tracing the controversial former governor of Alabama who was a staunch segregationist at the beginning of his career and the assassination attempt that provoked him to change his ways. The film’s producer Paul Stekler will be in attendance to discuss the three hour film before it begins.

Saturday, Sept. 28, Beyond Galilee plays at 12 p.m. at the Historic Arkansas Museum detailing the Civil Rights movement’s evolution in Shreveport, Louisiana through news footage, rare audio tapes and testimonies from participants involved with the movement.

The Central Park Five is a documentary that examines the 1989 case of five black and Latino teenagers convicted of raping a white woman in Central Park and spent many years in jail when a serial rapist actually confessed to the crime. At 6 p.m. Medgar Evers; An Unsung Hero plays recalling the life and legacy of the Civil Rights activist.

For more information about the festival or films scheduled please contact info@littlerockfilmfestival.org or visit www.littlerockfilmfestival.org for more details.

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