Canseco film at Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival

September 24, 2013

We don’t break news often on this blog, but we’re doing it today. Just got confirmation that Jose Canseco: The Truth Hurts will premiere at the Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Those of you who follow this blog and my work in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette might realize I have an especial interest in this film. Both Canseco and director Bill McAdams Jr. will be in attendance at the festival. More later.

Here’s the official synopsis:
Poster 8.5x11 no tagNo figure in recent sports history is as divisive as Jose Canseco. Millions of baseball fans remember him as a powerhouse slugger with the speed and agility to earn one of the sport’s rare statistics: 40/40 – 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases in a single season. But millions more remember him as the whistleblower whose admission to steroid ‘juicing’ exposed a scandal that overshadowed his own remarkable 16-year major league career, and led to congressional hearings that cast a pall over America’s greatest pastime – baseball.
Now, Jose Canseco finally speaks out to address some of the most controversial questions surrounding his life and career. What emerges is a nuanced portrait of a man driven by grief and a promise made — that he would be more than just a great baseball player, that he would be the best. It was a promise he fulfilled but it was a promise that cost him a great deal more than he ever anticipated. Only time will tell whether history remembers Jose Canseco as a legend, a whistleblower, or a scapegoat, but this candid documentary will leave you convinced of one inescapable fact: The Truth Hurts.

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