Debbie Harry and Chris Stein lecture us

June 19, 2013

Lecture: Debbie Harry & Chris Stein (New York, 2013) from Red Bull Music Academy on Vimeo. Hey 19, You remember Blondie right? They were perhaps the most influential and certainly the most commercially successful American band to emerge during the …

The Brothers Robinson — nearly finished

June 18, 2013

My problem with these things is I’m never sure when I’m done. I think I’m done with this. Maybe.

My father’s mark

June 16, 2013

From The Shortstop’s Son. There are things that I try to remember; things that elude me. They squirt through my mind like drops of mercury, they haunt the corners of my peripheral inner vision, nagging yet reticent. I can remember …

Saturday Morning Country Cover: “Soldier of Fortune”

June 15, 2013

Edward Snowden – Deleted Scenes of NSA Security Video

June 13, 2013

Thanks to sometimes contributor (and dog lover) Steve Hofstetter

Tales from the South “Rescued,” with Q & A and live performance of “Tongues (That Know No Language) ”

June 13, 2013

This is the story I told on on Tales from the South Tuesday evening. This is the Q & A portion of my appearance. Paula Morrell is the moderator. Thanks to everyone who came out. It really was a very …

Jason Isbell “Elephant”

June 12, 2013

Before Midnight reddit “ask me anything”

June 12, 2013

I am so lazy. That’s 10:45 a.m.CST, y’all.

Beth Brickell’s Big Doc and Chris Hicky’s The Grace of Jake: Two more Kickstarter projects you might find interesting ….

June 11, 2013

Your monkey is apologetic. Not much blog time lately because I’ve been getting ready for my Tales From the South gig tonight, which will mark the first time I’ve played guitar in public since 1996 or 1997. And I’ll have …

The Saturday Morning Country Cover on Sunday Morning: “Used to be a Cop”

June 9, 2013