The Good Machine

January 28, 2013

You get lonely and you call at night
And twist everything I’ve ever said
You think you know me ‘cause you read my notebooks
I think you love me ‘cause we went to bed

I know I ain’t no gamin de genie
I know I ain’t no Jackson Browne
You turned me into Charlie Bovary
But I never meant to let you down

And I can’t sing but I can scream
I’ve felt this way since I was seventeen
I can’t hope — but I still dream
I’ve always been a good machine

I feel guilty and declare my innocence
I play my guitar and you just look bored
I know how to feign indifference
You get ugly when you get ignored

I feel the fever and I miss a meal or two
I get drunk and just a little less shy
I got secrets that I can’t reveal to you
You get angry and I don’t know why

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