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January 4, 2013

Levi Agee for the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette and blood, dirt & angels

A lot of columnists indulge in the year-end lists recounting their favorite or most memorable films of the past year. But like a lot of folks, my electricity has been out a lot lately and so turning in a list was not a huge priority. Now that 2012 is a thing of the past, I’m looking to the future, and here are some film events I’m looking forward to in 2013.

Sadly, I’ve missed the last few John Orval Thomas Student Moviemakers Symposiums, but this year I’ve been invited to take part. On Jan. 12 at Waymack and Crew Studios on South Bowman Road, I’ll be among a diverse lineup of locals in the film industry who will be giving talks on their professions or projects to students.

The day kicks off with Arkansas Film Commission Director Chris Crane; followed by Casey Sanders of the Arkansas Educational Television Network; commercial director and owner of Waymack and Crew, Dan Waymack; Kelly Griffin, producer, videographer and editor of P. Allen Smith’s The Garden Home Challenge; Chris Cranford of Jones Film Video; Mark Maness, Steadicam operator and purveyor of Gopher Broke Productions; Tim Trieschmann of The Shot Above, demonstrating his remote helicopter aerial cinematography; Joe Dull of daringly Dull productions on audio production; and, finally, Courtney Pledger talking about the Arkansas Motion Picture Institute, film festivals and her career as a movie producer.

I will be talking about my film-in-production, Rapture Us, and discussing crowdsource funding. The event is free and open to any students in film production but seating is limited to 100 spots.

For more information check out the event’s Facebook page: facebook.com/JohnOrvalThomas. For any other inquiries contact Casey Sanders at csanders@aetn.org.

Coming up in March is the Little Rock Horror Picture Show, rolling under the Little Rock Film Festival’s banner. My colleague Justin Nickels, who founded the festival last year, is hoping it will be bigger and better than the last. The festival (March 22-24) offers a program of independent and cult horror films with science-fiction films being added to the docket. Nickels, still rounding out the program, hopes to have a venue announcement soon.
Check the Little Rock Film Festival’s Facebook page, and website littlerockfilmfestival.org, or e-mail justin@littlerockfilmfestival.org for news and ticket information.

Some other events I look forward to but don’t have a lot of information about yet include the usual spate of Oscar watch parties (Feb. 24), the 12th annual Ozark Foothills FilmFest from April 3-7, and the release of local films from talented and creative Arkansas filmmakers throughout the year.

Here’s to a very cinematic 2013.

Levi Agee is a local filmmaker who covers the Arkansas film scene. Send him your movie news at

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