Screengems: Levi Agee plays dress up for Halloween

October 31, 2012

By Levi Agee
BDA Boy Wonder

What better way to flash your film buff cred than dressing up as your favorite movie characters for Halloween? Are you the type of costumer that puts weeks and weeks of preparation into your getup or make a mad dash to the local Halloween Express and spend 40 bucks on cheap polyester and plastic? I’ll admit I went as Walter White from Breaking Bad in full haz-mat suit made from a painter’s suit and mask from Home Depot. I’ll do my best at suggesting a few Hollywood inspired outfits.

Not Levi

The Dark Knight Rises was one of the most anticipated films of the year despite how you felt about the last installment in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Show up as the cape crusader and you will get instant nerd cred and what’s sexier than Christian Bale’s gravelly voice? You can’t step four aisles into a Walmart without bumping into a Batman mask on the racks, but I’ll make a less traditional suggestion and recommend you shave your head and put on a facemask and sheepskin coat and go as Bane the inaudible villain. You don’t really have to shave your head (there are plenty of bald masks) but a mask is a must. Work on your foppish and indecipherable accent and make Halloween related quotes like “Then you have my permission to dye — your hair.”

Not Levi

The same nerd-cred can also be applied to any of the Avenger’s and Ultimate Spider-man costumes.

I didn’t actually see the movie myself as I have been sorely disappointed in the last Dr. Seuss adaptations but a form fitting orange lycra suit and a oversized bushy mustache can pass for The Lorax. Bonus points if you are under five feet tall or Danny DeVito.

I particularly enjoyed Pixar’s The Brave

Not Levi?

this year in part to the studio finally embracing a female protagonist. Have you got the wild, curly red locks of Princess Merida? If so, find a long green dress and a bow and arrow and maybe some stuffed bears and you can challenge any suitors at your party.

If any director puts as much thought into his characters as their wardrobe it’s Wes Anderson and his latest film Moonrise Kingdom is ripe for iconic costumes. The easiest and obvious choice for males is the khaki scout uniform worn by our lead character Sam with raccoon-tail cap and yellow handkerchief or for the ladies a simple, pink, sixties dress with white flare collar, knee high socks and binoculars for effect. If you are at a particularly astute party you could dress up as the auteur himself with a tailor-made camel hair or corduroy suit over a light pastel peach button up shirt and scarf — director’s glass optional.

If you are really ambitious and don’t mind going through several costume changes a night you can try out Tom Hanks character from the recent release Cloud Atlas. Admittedly this will take some work as you will have to transform from a surly doctor in the 1840s with bushy sideburns to a balding hotel manager with a simple mustache, a bespectacled plant worker in the 1970s, a Cockney lowlife with a thin gangster goatee, and finally a grey-haired television actor in the year 2144. I’m confused already so good luck with that one.

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