John Deering’s “The Story Teller” exhibition kicks off tomorrow night at Cantrell Gallery

October 25, 2012

John Deering is a friend and, if not a mentor, at least an “encourager” of your monkey’s own forays into the world of visual arts. We traded paintings years ago. I got the better end of that deal. So if you’re in the Little Rock area, we encourage you to drop by. The official release follows:

Cantrell Gallery is pleased to present: “The Story Teller”, on display Friday, October 26 – Monday, December 24. There will be an Opening Night Reception on October 26, 6-8:00 pm. This wine and cheese reception is a great opportunity to meet and greet the artist, and view his new works.

Artist Statement for “The Story Teller” exhibit by John Deering:

The work of my favorite visual artists has always had a strong narrative quality. Although it is a pretty eclectic list of names, these artists all have at least one common thread in their work. That is to say, it has some representational element, and may even be considered by some to be “illustrative”. Artists such as Ivan Albright, Henri Paul Rousseau and Francis Bacon may be worlds apart visually and thematically but one gets a sense of strong emotion from their work which can only be conveyed by a great storyteller. The paintings or ‘stories’ for this show are allegorical in nature, with animals as the protagonists. In some instances, the landscapes they dwell in function more as theatrical stages or back drops rather than natural environments.

An artist’s surroundings may seep into his or her work sometimes seemingly by osmosis, and a feeling of mystery and a sense of the undiscovered can still be felt here in Arkansas. This sense of mystery is what I like to communicate in my work. For me the most entertaining stories are mysteries with a dash of comic relief.

John Deering has been an editorial cartoonist and illustrator for the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for 30 years starting with the Arkansas Democrat in 1981. His two comic strip features, “Strange Brew” and “Zack Hill” are distributed by Creators Syndicate as are his editorial cartoons. John has spent a lifetime as an artist and his paintings can be seen at Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock. He is also a figurative sculptor. John regrets having never entered the “Draw the Pirate” cartoon contest.

For more information, or if you would like to request another image of one of the paintings that will be in this exhibit, please contact Cindy Scott-Huisman at Cantrell Gallery by either replying to the email or calling, 501-224-1335.

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