Death By China: Alliance Rubber Company Sponsors Arkansas Premiere Of Peter Navarro’s cautionary doc

September 27, 2012

A lack of space in the newspaper means that we sometimes move announcements such as this onto this site. The good news is we can do stuff here we can’t with dead tree technology. (And I can attach a press release without having to artfully re-write it.) The film will be reviewed in next week’s MovieStyle.

On Oct. 5, Hot Springs-based Alliance Rubber Company will sponsor an event at Little Rock’s Market Street Cinema — a free showing of Peter Navarro’s documentary Death by China followed by a panel discussion and Q&A session with one of the film’s producers and business leader. There are 193 free seats available for the 7 p.m., available on a first come, first served basis. To reserve a ticket visit

Here’s the full text of the release:
(Hot Springs, Ark.) September 20, 2012. As part of its Manufacturing
Day festivities, an event celebrated by manufacturers across the
United States in early October, Alliance Rubber Company will go beyond
the customary “manufacturing tour” traditionally offered to the public
and sponsor the Arkansas Premiere of Peter Navarro’s manufacturing
film, Death by China.
The movie premiere, scheduled for October 5, will be held at Market
Street Cinema, located at 1506 Market Street in Little Rock, Arkansas.
“Alliance Rubber Company is pleased to be working with Jim Lilly, one
of the leading manufacturing consultants in the state of Arkansas, in
this important event, which we hope will facilitate needed public
debate integral to the future success of our manufacturing facilities
in the United States,” Bonnie Swayze, President of Alliance Rubber
Company, said.
Manufacturing officials from across the state as well as the film’s
producer Greg Autry will be present for the premiere. A special forum,
featuring Autry and other key speakers as well as interactive audience
discussion, will immediately follow the film’s screening.
“I am proud to be invited to Little Rock on Manufacturing Day to
discuss the future of America and job creation. America’s economy has
always been built on the handwork of the Americans that make things.
Alliance Rubber Company and thousands of other small and medium
business are the backbone of our nation and the engine of our
recovery,” Autry said. “I hope everyone will find the time to watch
our movie and gain a better understanding of how our consumer and
policy choices that have been harmful to American manufacturing
threaten the future of all Americans and the world.”
The writer of the film, Business Professor Peter Navarro, who works at
the University of California-Irvine, says he created the movie to
emphasis how the U.S. is losing its ability to compete in
manufacturing “…because of China’s illegal production subsidies.”
“In 2001 we let China into our markets here in the United States and,
since that time, we’ve shut down over 50,000 factories, lost 6 million
manufacturing jobs,” Novarro said. “We’ve got 25 million people in
this country that can’t find a decent job, and we now owe $3 trillion
to the world’s largest totalitarian nation.”
He hopes the film will encourage reform and stimulate recovery. Learn
more about Navarro’s work by visiting The film,
which will run October 5-12 at Market Street Cinema, is 79 minutes in
length. Learn more by visiting
RSVP for the premiere by visiting (limited seating

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