Levi Agee’s Screengems: Another 48 Hours

August 31, 2012

No room at the inn in this week’s MovieStyle.So Levi’s column is on the web. (Unless you’re in Northwest Arkansas, where it’s also in the newspaper.)

Levi Agee
48 Hour Film Festival Pasha

I know you’re probably sick of me talking about the 48 Hour Film Project, but after three sold-out, maximum-capacity screenings last week and (I’m assuming) a sold-out award ceremony Thursday night, it seems there’s quite a bit of interest in the event. I talked to editor and motion graphics animator Kelly Griffin and University of Central Arkansas at Conway film student Paige Murphy about the event.

How did you get involved? What happened the first night?

Kelly Griffin: This was my sixth time to participate in the 48 Hour Film Project. I worked with all of my friends and co-workers from P. Allen Smith. … We drew “romance” as the genre and were happy with it since it leaves the writing wide open. A romance can be a comedy, drama, sci-fi, horror — it could really be anything.

Paige Murphy: I got involved when Mike Ferrara started a group out of PDK [Psi Delta Kappa — a co-ed Cinematic Honors Fraternity at UCA] members. On Friday night Mike and Ben Ellis showed us the packet with our genre [road movie] and then they wrote the script. I was just happy that I was able to secure a location and help out with the props.

What was your role on the team and what was something you were proud of?

KG: I was the editor. One of the coolest things we did was utilize Tim [Trieschmann] at A Shot Above to get some aerial footage with his remote-controlled helicopter. I drove down Capitol Avenue at 7 a.m. with Tim hanging out of the sunroof flying his chopper, Gerry Bruno in the back seat watching the monitor and Brent Walker working the camera trying to keep everything in frame while our actor Johnny Passmore was running down the street.

PM: Officially I was producer, so pretty much I just kept up with all the paperwork, called the gas station, and picked up lunch and some of the props.

What was something you worried about during the weekend?

KG: We worried about the rain since we were shooting outside, but it ended up helping the look of our film.

PM: I guess the biggest thing I was worried about was continuity issues, because we didn’t have a whole lot of time to fix certain things.

Will you do it next year?

KG: I will always participate in the 48 Hour Film Project. I look forward to it every year.

PM: Assuming that I’m free and I have a good group to work with again, then yes, I’ll do it next year.

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