Press release ofthe week: “Construction supply company thrilled by popularity of product placement on HBO‘s True Blood

July 24, 2012

“We’re thrilled with the reaction, both inside the construction industry and in the television production field,” Bagby said. “BlackBat is a natural fit on True Blood and we think this will help us reach new audiences and consumers. If they need quality materials to do the job — whether it’s staking an interstate pipeline or a vampire — BlackBat can get the job done!”

Never Again

July 23, 2012

Let us walk the cat back on this. It requires but casual logic to infer that Joe Paterno convinced the Athletic Director to back off on an earlier agreed plan to turn Sandusky over to the authorities. A large part of the competitive advantage Penn State had to lure kids to the middle of nowhere in State College was JoePa’s integrity.

Please give

July 23, 2012

RAPTURE US SNEAK PEAK PROMO from 2007 Productions on Vimeo. Our Levi wants to make a movie.

The uses of Jim Belushi

July 23, 2012

Actually, it was not the first time Community piled on the Wheaton, Ill., native: Two seasons ago, a character described her romantic relationship as “the Jim Belushi of sexual commitments. It barely means anything, and it grows on what’s there over time.” And in May, there was this from Danny Pudi, himself a Chicago native: “You’re VH1, RoboCop 2 and Back to the Future 3. You’re the center slice of a square cheese pizza. Actually, that sounds delicious. I’m the center slice of a square cheese pizza. You’re Jim Belushi.”

The Big Picture: Did Batman film’s marketing play a role in massacre?

July 23, 2012

Gangster Squad New Trailer by teasertrailer By Patrick Goldstein of the Los Angeles Times Just hours before 12 people died and dozens were wounded in the Dark Knight Rises movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colo., I was at a screening …

Last night in Little Rock: Jill Storthz and Robert Bean at Gallery 26

July 22, 2012

With special appearance by Warren Criswell.

Is Batman gay?

July 21, 2012

Barbara Walters: “George, is Batman gay?” George Clooney: “No, but I made him gay.” George Clooney’s 2006 assertion aside, homosexual and pederastic interpretations have been part of the academic study of the Batman franchise almost since the beginning — at …

A hard thing to know about America: James Holmes and a nation of Dark Knights

July 21, 2012

I want to say early in this piece what I have always said, and what some of the people who pepper my email box will not hear. I believe there exists a right to bear arms. I believe that the Second Amendment means what it says. I don’t question your right to own a weapon. The Constitution says you can.

Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan bent on exploring justice

July 20, 2012

By Dan Lybarger Because The Dark Knight (2008) made more than $1 billion at the international box office, it’s hard to believe that the film’s director and co-writer Christopher Nolan was once considered a risky choice. Nolan’s second feature-length movie …

Ozark Blues Society announces its annual “Blues Challenge” competition

July 20, 2012

Our friends at the Ozark Blues Society are looking for a few good blues On September 13, 2012, the Ozark Blues Society of Northwest Arkansas will host its Annual Blues Challenge at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street in Fayetteville, …