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July 30, 2012

Ok, this is a new feature that may or may not become a regular part of our proceedings. When we started this blog, we determined that the first thing we wanted to do was provide a fair share of original content and not serve primarily as an aggregator. And I think we’ve done O.K. with that, though some “regular” contributors obviously aren’t. And we’ll continue to operate that way, in the main.

But it’s been suggested that we sometimes act a little more like your traditional blogger (I wonder if that’s the first time those words have been married) and supply links to stuff we’ve seen around the Interwebs. And I am willing to try — if that results in increased traffic. (I’m not ready to adopt SEO headlines however.) So here’s some stuff we saw this weekend:

Baseball fights are not always silly, pushing affairs — I once saw Mitchell Page, when he was playing for the Shreveport Captains, catch the barrel of a bat wielded by an opposing player (I think he was a Jackson Met) and twist the bat away from his would-be bludgeoner, who immediately reversed his field. Scary strong that Mitchell Page.

The above video comes courtesy of TMFW, who saw it here.

My “wow” moment of the morning comes courtesy of the Washington Times‘ affliated site They’re reporting that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia thinks “the Second Amendment leaves room for U.S. legislatures to regulate guns, including menacing hand-held weapons.”

Read that jaw-dropping revelation here.

And Peter Bogdanovich wrote a piece about violent movies in the Hollywood Reporter that’s worth attending to — Bogdanovich not only wrote a directed a chilly little movie called Targets (I know I’ve written about that film, but I can’t find the piece) but he was living with former Playmate Dorothy Stratten when she was murdered by her estranged husband:

“Dorothy was murdered by a guy who was not even legally in the United States, and he bought a gun here. It’s out of control. Anytime there’s a massacre, which is almost yearly now, we say, ‘Well, it’s not the guns. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people’ and all that bullshit from the NRA. Politicians are afraid to touch it because of the right wing. And nothing ever changes. We’re living in the Wild West.”

I might comment on this in my Friday OnFilm column. If fate doesn’t intervene.

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  • Comment by Torotopo — Aug 1,2012 at 8:53 pm

    So what’s the metric behind the suggestion? Does the web really need someone else spending time backtracking someone else’s links? Don’t get me started on the ad guys blaming their inability to sell on the editorial side. I walked in on and then out of a meeting last week where a group exec came in and pitched a way to make ad bids independent of any of the group’s titles: the gold rush is on for clicks, and the mine doesn’t matter. Advertisers don’t care where the Web hits come from, so go play golf, get a piece of their ad budget and we’ll find the right Google AdWords… Content? That’s for suckers…

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