At Tribeca, porous borders on display

April 16, 2012

Although it is risky to generalize about submerged themes in any film festival, Tribeca, unlike Cannes, doesn’t have an auteur focus; the world according to Tribeca is one of porous borders, of people searching for their place, as they try to reinvent themselves in territory where the only constant is instability.

Pete Seeger, “When That Great Ship Went Down”

April 15, 2012

How Jackie Robinson (and Branch Rickey) created rock ‘n’ roll

April 15, 2012

On this day in 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first black major-league baseball player in America. Jackie Robinson game footage from OleMissCub on Vimeo. Robinson’s large legend has obscured some history. Some people probably believe that before Robinson stepped on …

Dark Shadows reinterprets favorite show from director’s and star’s youths

April 15, 2012

By Geoff Boucher of the Los Angeles Times LONDON — There’s a night-and-day difference between the soundstages of Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows and his previous movie, Alice in Wonderland, and, no surprise, this is a filmmaker far more comfortable in …

Roy Hill reviews Jennifer Paddock’s The Weight of Memory

April 15, 2012

Jennifer Paddock’s third novel, The Weight Of Memory, continues the stories of Leigh, Chandler and Sarah, three women from Fort Smith, Arkansas, introduced as teens in her first novel, A Secret Word, and developed further in Point Clear. Now in their mid-30s Leigh, Chandler and Sarah find their lives changing and weaving back together in unexpected ways in Destin, Florida, during 2005, the year Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.

Frank Thurmond reads from his memoir Before I Sleep

April 14, 2012

From the ongoing Arkansas Literary Festival. More information at the et alia Press site.

Almost live from the Arkansas Literary Festival

April 14, 2012

Karen Martin talks with novelists Susan Gregg Gilmore and Jenny Wingfield. Unfortunately, the room wasn’t set up for your monkey to grab a recording.

No stooge for the Stooges

April 13, 2012

By Michael Phillips of the Chicago Tribune CHICAGO — Here’s what I never liked about The Three Stooges, despite Jerome Horwitz (better known as Curly Howard) and his timeless arsenal of vocal delights: I think the Stooges give roughhouse slapstick …

Bob Fosse’s Cabaret restored to original glory

April 12, 2012

Cabaret has been sold on standard-definition DVD from Warner Bros. since 1992. But it was unavailable in high-def or for digital presentation because of a vertical scratch that ran through 1,000 feet, or 10 minutes, of one of its reels, said Ned Price, vice president of mastering and restoration for Warner Bros.

Our Lady Peace, “As Fast As You Can”

April 11, 2012

By Emily Zemler of RCRD Our Lady Peace will release its eighth LP, Curve, on April 17 via eOne Music — a follow-up to 2009’s Burn Burn. The new songs are the same impassioned alt-rock fans have come to …