Aiden Rose at Community Bakery

April 25, 2012

This is a program note for my fellow Arkansans. The art of Aiden Malcolm Rose, creator of Kung Fu Cat, will be featured throughout the month of May at
Community Bakery, 1202 South Main Street in Little Rock.

Aiden’s press sheet says:

Although he is only 8-years-old, Aiden has been making art for half his life. Picasso said that he spent his childhood trying to make art like an adult and then spent his adult life trying to learn to make art like a child once again. Aiden has no such issues. For him, creativity flows in steady stream without concern for convention.

In this, his second one-man-show, Aiden focuses on the cartoon. His main characters are represented here. The robots are fun-loving but unreliable workers: employees you will easily recognize. Kung-Fu Cat is edgy, with a dark side that can’t be denied. And yet, we somehow find ourselves rooting for him to make yet another escape.

Come by and Meet the artist – Saturday, May 5 from 2-4 p.m.

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