The NBA Settlement

November 30, 2011

By Johnny Wink

The millionaires looked in the mirror one day
And said to themselves, “We’re dumber than we look.”
Time came for them to get paid God knows what
By the hour to stuff a sphere into a circle
Before the adoring crowds, but it didn’t happen.
The millionaires wanted ‘em some more money.
The billionaires wanted ‘em something else.

It must have pissed the millionaires off
When Time came and it didn’t happen
And the fans went on living, found something
Else to do with their time than watching
Seven footers stuff spheres through circles
At the professional level.

The fans didn’t jump from small or tall buildings.
The fans didn’t redden their throats with razors.
You’d’ve thought they could’ve showed a bit more passion
On behalf of the folks they’d helped make millionaires.
You’d’ve thought the suicide rate’d’ve gone up just a little.

The whole business must’ve pissed the millionaires off a little.

One day, in the mirrors, the millionaires came to their senses.
One day they got about as close to reality as they’re likely to get,
Which isn’t getting very far or saying very much.

And soon now they’ll be back on the shining courts,
Shining, stuffing spheres through circles ten feet up in the air,
Each of them making more money, even in a truncated season,
Than a first-grade teacher makes in a lifetime of teaching.

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