A Killing Should Be Done

September 29, 2011

A Killing Should Be Done

by Johnny Wink

A killing should be done
With a Bible in one
Hand and a gun
In the other.

That’s what the pamphlet said,
The one I snatched up from the street
In Gulfport, outside the A & P
About a half a century ago.

The litter was courtesy
Of our local Ku Klux Klan.
Ah, yes, they had a plan
For ethnic cleansing.

On the radio I hear today
About a hotel in faraway
Kabul, the fire, the death, the way
The Hakani network managed it.

From Kabul to Jericho
To Gulfport, Mississippi,
The motif stinks and stings:
In the name of the compassionate one,

Kill every living mother’s son
And every mother’s daughter
And every daughter’s father
And every mother and everyone.

And somewhere there’s a god
Who gives such bilge the nod,
The cosmic sign of approval
Of the infidels’ removal.

I’ll bet a pamphlet’s blowing wild
This moment in a parching wind
Somewhere in Afghanistan:
In one hand a Koran,

In the other a gun or a bomb:
Now go and do your holy work,
Rain horror down on humankind.
God will approve. He will not mind.

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