Sunday Columnette: The Little Rock Film Festival

June 5, 2011

Frankly, folks, your monkey is beat.

This was a tough and rewarding Little Rock Film Festival week, made no easier by the fact that my broadband internet is acting up and my ISP — they know who they are — missed not one, not two , but three service appointments with me. (I wish I could figure out a way to bill them my usual $770 an hour consulting fee for waiting. We have rescheduled for Thursday, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. We’ll see.)

And as usual, my ambitions have outstripped my resources. Lots of reviews didn’t get posted — and, going forward, may not, since after today the LRFF packs it up for a year. You’ve still got a chance to catch Lev Anderson and Chris Metzler’s Everyday Sunshine — The Story of Fishbone at the Riverdale.

And if you missed yesterday’s screening of DAMN! at the Clinton School, you missed me trying desperately to contain the charismatic yet not entirely coherent maelstrom that is Jimmy McMillen. That film is showing at the Riverdale today as well. (I do mean to come back and writethe serious review the movie deserves someday. But I am a little bit busy.)

Finally, I thought last night’s conversation with Jeff Nichols went pretty well, though I think there’s video evidence out there somewhere to confront me. If I can run that down — Levi? — I might post it here. Anyway, Nichols’ Take Shelter, which cleaned up at Cannes, looks terrific. Finally I have a 2011 film I’m looking forward to. (Expect it in Arkansas, maybe around Halloween. Other major metropolitan may get it closer to the beginning of the month.)

Anyway, today I’m checking out the Arkansas Shorts (if I can get a seat) and going to the gala. And probably hanging out a bit.

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