Live from the Hotel Chelsea: Tribeca update

April 23, 2011

Live from my unmade bed — wi-fi issues resolved.

Watched Of Gods and Men on the (direct) flight out to Newark yesterday morning (it opens in Little Rock next Friday); bussed into city and caught a terrific, Houston-shot indie called Puncture (with Chris Evans) at noon; a not so great Israeli horror film (Rabies) and then a French documentary L’Amour Fou about the auctioning off of Yves St. Laurent’s art collection.

Then, two parties — a reception for ilk (the press) that wasn’t much fun (though they poured us Big Gulp portions of Stoli) and one for filmmakers sponsored by the Doha Film Institute that was. Then some cash-only Cuban place where we ate at the counter. Will have photos and more later.

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