“Socialite Death Squad” — free track from the Idle Hands

February 10, 2011

The Idle Hands have a new EP, Life Is Beautiful. How could we resist a track called “Socialite Death Squad”?

The band was formed when brothers Ciaran and Criostoir Daly relocated from Ireland to Minneapolis and were joined by Eileen Omizo-Whittenberg on keys, Al Wires on guitar and Nicco Franz Huber on drums. Their 2009 outing, The Hearts We Broke On Our Way To The Show, got some play around the monkey’s house (though the recent iTunes disaster left us Idle Hands-less). Because we’re lazy, here’s what they say for themselves:

“The band unites the sounds of Brit-pop, New Romantic keyboards, and David Bowie-esque glam and shoots them through with David Lynch debauchery and velvet sleaze. ‘Socialite Death Squad’ kicks off with a distorted bass line that drives the song straight to the dance floor with a tongue-in-cheek chorus.”


Here goes:Socialite Death Squad

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