Blake Rutherford’s Top 10 includes Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere

December 30, 2010

Blake Rutherford, founder of Movies in the Park, former Moviegoer and Blake‚Äôs Think Tank blogger (he’s since given up blogging, I think to perserve his political viability), is a longtime contributor to our end-of-the-year listapolooza, and an upstanding citizen. He checked in with this list some time ago (he’s probably seen True Grit by now) but I was having laptop issues (since resolved).

I still have seven or eight more of these lists to post, as well as a couple that have not come in yet.

1. The Social Network

2. Somewhere

3. Winter’s Bone

4. Black Swan

5. A Prophet
6. The Town
7. I Am Love
8. The Kids Are All Right
9. The Ghost Writer
10. Inception

The five I didn’t get to see: “127 Hours,” “The King’s Speech,” “Blue Valentine,” “True Grit,” and “Another Year.”

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