Ex-Sex in Sundance

December 28, 2010

Friend of the program Blake Rutherford passes this along. He tells us the male lead of Michael Mohan’s Ex-Sex, Jacob Womack, is a Little Rock native and Central High grad.

I’d write more but my Macbook is on its last legs. (New laptop arriving tomorrow.)

Here’s the short synopsis off the director’s website:

EX-SEX is a 2011 American short film written and directed by Michael Mohan (ONE TOO MANY MORNINGS) and produced by Jennifer Cochis (DOUCHEBAG). It stars Kristen Riley and Jacob Womack with a soundtrack by Will Wiesenfeld (BATHS) and cinematography by Elisha Christian.

The short follows a young couple as they stumble through the precariously subtle complexities of ending a relationship. The Girl, played by Riley, lives in the enviable comfort of a mid-century modern home surrounded by sleek hard lines and unyielding structure. The Boy, played by Womack, inhabits the quaint quarters of a small boat constantly rocking on the gentle waters of the Marina. The two have a supposedly casual phone conversation that quickly enters emotionally fraught and physically explosive terrain. At turns playful and painfully familiar, EX- SEX acts as a reminder that we’ve all been there.

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