Jay Russell checks in with his Top 10 movies of 2010

December 26, 2010

Jay Russell, North Little Rock native, director of My Dog Skip, Ladder 49, The Waterhorse and BDA’s under assistant west coast correspondent shares his list of favorite films from 2010. (Jay’s next project should be eligible for consideration for the best films of 2011. More about that later.)

These are my 10 favorites I’ve seen so far, but an equal list of those I’ve yet to see and want to see.

In no particular order:

1. The Tillman Story (should be given equal air time for every Marine Corps advertisement)

2. Black Swan – (reminded me of Polanski’s The Tenant in a good way)

3. The Kids Are All Right (most pleasant surprise of the year for me)

4. The King’s Speech (Acting School 101)

5. The Social Network (Like everyone else, I’ve friended this movie)

6. True Grit (gets my vote for casting Barry Pepper as Lucky Ned Pepper)

7. Exit Through the Gift Shop (the film Joaquin Phoenix wanted to make)

8. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (by far the best of the Tattoo movies – should have stopped here)

9. Hereafter (a quiet and powerful film by Clint in his quiet and powerful style)

10. Never Let me Go (not the great film it should have been, but it stuck with me for weeks)

Top Ten wanna see;

1. 127 Hours
2. Biutiful
3. Blue Valentine
4. Easy A
5. I Love You Phillip Morris
6. Let Me In
7. Rabbit Hole
8. Animal Kingdom
9. Mother
10. Last Train Home

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